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  • The $10,000 Funniest Canadian

    If you’re crackin’ ‘em up at the cubicle, or landing zinger after zinger on Zoom, it might be time for you to level up! Do you have the comedy chops to be boom 99.7’s $10,000 Funniest Canadian’? Record up to a minute of your own original, hilarious material on camera, then send it to us. Our laughs could mean your cash!

  • $1,000 Pop Quiz

    Listen weekday mornings at 7:45am with The boom Breakfast with Tim & Colleen and call (613) 750-0997 for your chance to play! We’ll give you 10 questions, and you just have to answer them all correctly in 60 seconds or less. For every question you get right, you’ll win $10 in Lotto Max. Get all 10 right in time and you’ll win $1,000!!

  • Top Up Tuesday

    Every Tuesday after their show, The boom Breakfast with Tim & Colleen will be making their way to visit you at your office with coffee and boom mugs! Listen Monday mornings and text your name to (613) 750-0997 for your chance to have boom 99.7 visit you!