Tara Dawn

Tara Dawn is absolutely thrilled to be joining Tim, Colleen and the team at Boom 99.7.

Although new to Ottawa, Tara is a 29 year veteran of the radio broadcasting business whose career has touched down in Cambridge, Guelph, and Barrie, where she has been for most of her career.
Tara has dipped her toes in many areas of broadcasting including a ten year stint as the host of various flagship shows on Rogers TV, commercial and film work. She has also enjoyed exploring her theatrical roots as a member of Theatre by the Bay’s Summer Theatre Troop where she played Titania/Hippolyta in Midsummer Night’s Dream and Maria in Twelfth Night.

Tara considers herself to be a Covid bride who finally tied the knot with the love of her life and made honest cats out of her three fur babies last year after 5 canceled wedding dates. It took so
long that the “something old” turned out to be the original wedding invitations.

Helping animal rescues, contributing to the community, girlfriend getaways, spending time with her family, Jays games, and ice cream are what get Tara out of bed in the mornings. Tara is
VERY passionate about sweets. To the point that she gives the stink eye to servers who suggest bringing more than one fork when she orders dessert.

All that said, Tara may not share her dessert but she can’t wait to share middays with you:)

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