Dave Nelson

What sets me apart from everyone else on the station is that I’m an American!  You may be asking, but Dave, how did you end up in Canada? Well, I met a really great girl from Ottawa and decided to move here and marry her! Romantic eh?

I’m also completely embracing the Canadian experience by trying as many things unique to this great nation as I can.

One of the things I like most about working at boom is the chance to play the music I grew up listening to and the tunes which inspired me to get into radio in the first place!

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Morgan Freeman has recorded a series of announcements that will be heard on Vancouver’s TransLink system in which he’ll offer advice on bus etiquette. via GIPHY Which begs the question; if Ottawa’s new LRT system and OC Transpo were to get a celebrity to voice their on-board announcements, who would you want to hear? Have…

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