Some Good News From Canada

Some Good News From Canada

By: Julia Prendergast

As we step into May, we’ve rounded up some heart-warming (or hilarious) feel-good stories from Canada to put a smile on your face.

The ‘Joy4All’ Project

A group of teen Recreational Leadership students from Calgary, Alberta have launched a hotline where anyone can call (toll-free) to share or hear stories, kind messages, and even jokes! Each entry is also posted to The Joy4All Project’s website.

They’re working to make isolation a little bit easier, as “during these challenging times and ongoing public health measures, we know that it is especially difficult for seniors and folks experiencing isolation“.

Even the animals are taking precautions…

Including geese!


CareWear refers to an initiative where Canadian artists have teamed up, selling custom designed T-shirts and donating the profits to Canadian health care organizations and their workers. When you buy a T-shirt, you get to decide which health care organization those profits get donated to (and 100% will go there). Each week there are new designs contributed by new artists – you can check it all out at

Canadian athletes raising the bar…

After playing competitively and winning Olympic medals, Canadian athletes with medical training are instead helping on the front lines during the pandemic. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, who won the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs 3 months ago, is one of these heroes! After graduating with a medical doctorate from McGill University, Duvernay-Tardif was the first medical doctor to play in the NFL. Once Quebec allowed medical graduates to help, he was immediately placed and is “assisting with medication, personal protective equipment (PPE), and operations in the home“.

Everyone could use a smile…

And this 6 year-old from British Columbia is doing his best to help after opening a ‘joke stand’ in his driveway.

Music is so important, especially now…

And this teen from Fredericton totally understands that after having played her violin for her grandmother (at a distance, of course)!