Notes From Our Nurses

Notes From Our Nurses

By: Julia Prendergast

We at boom 99.7 are so grateful for everything our healthcare heroes are doing to protect our community. Our doctors and nurses are among those on the front line, working with the most vulnerable and doing everything they can to ensure that we are all as safe and as healthy as possible. Oftentimes, this comes at their own expense, working long shifts and isolating from family. Yet, our nurses can still be counted on to put a smile on our faces – many have been sharing uplifting videos and helpful tips to get us through quarantine on the Internet.


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Doctors and nurses from all over have been releasing these tips in Tweets, videos, even videos on the popular new app TikTok. In the above video, a Sydney-based diagnostic radiographer and clinical educator, teaches the proper way to put on and wear both a face mask and gloves.

As she outlines in this video, it is critically important not to touch anything with contaminated gloves that you’ll need to touch later. While this seems self-explanatory, that means remembering not to reach into your pocket or use your phone. Furthermore, you should never touch your face while wearing a face mask (that includes to adjust it or pull it down)! As soon as you touch the mask, you’re at a higher risk of contaminating yourself.

Once you’ve taken those dirty gloves off, it’s important to wash your hands thoroughly. Many people may have realized throughout this time that they haven’t been washing their hands properly; in this case, there are many videos on the Internet you can use to teach yourself.

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A local nurse from Ottawa identified to us that they’re finding that it’s hard to demonstrate to children just how imperative it is to wash their hands and get rid of those germs. The games popping up across social media can help to explain our current situation:

Doing our best to keep ourselves safe and healthy (which includes staying home) is a great way for us to help out our health care professionals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also contribute in other ways! Acts such as writing letters of encouragement or donating essentials is always appreciated:

It’s more important than ever to show our love to the ‘healthcare heroes’ of our community (but don’t forget to extend that appreciation year-round).