BDO Canada

It starts with our people.

When we feel a global impact like the one from novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we need to be prepared to adapt and keep every aspect of your business safe—from pivoting immediately to formulating long-term strategies for success. Above all, the people driving your businesses are priority.

BDO teams across the country are proactively engaged and rapidly monitoring new developments, providing guidance and support to clients wherever they need it, and responding accordingly.

We’re here to offer resources to support you in workforce and economic impact strategies, crisis and risk management, regulatory impairments and deadlines, tax implications, and financial recovery.

Let’s stay prepared together.

How is your business managing its COVID-19 response? Ask yourself these questions.

PREPARE: Get ready to adapt to changing circumstances


How do you apply fluctuating economic data to your readiness plan? Economic impact will be felt everywhere. Here’s what to watch for.


How do you guard the safety of your staff while following all the proper protocols? Ensure your people are taken care of every step of the way.


How do you prepare strategies that communicate compliance, safety, and reassurance amid COVID-19? Tailored internal and external communication plans are key to a timely and strategic response.

RESPOND: React immediately to new developments


The time to assess and plan ahead is now. We explore some foundational ways to help your business get started in managing this pandemic.


How do you manage your business’s cash flow now, and plan for recovery amid future developments?


How is the spread of COVID-19 affecting audits, reporting deadlines, impairments, and other financial statement delays? Our guide gives an overview of what to focus on.


Starting with infrastructure assessments, learn how new technology, data analysis, and predictive strategies can help evolve your business in the midst of COVID-19 disruptions.