25,000+ Comic Book Fundraising Sale for CHEO!

Join us for a day of fun and fundraising!

May 26, 2018, from 9am to 3pm we are going to have a fabulous comic book fundraiser for CHEO.

50% of all sales will be donated to CHEO. Come and support your local children’s hospital. Find that one issue you have been searching for. There will also be a lemonade stand!

Comic books are priced using the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide but you will get the following discounts:

– Buy 1 to 100 comics and get 25% off

– Buy 101 or more comics and get 50% off

Anyone who buys 100 or more comic books gets a free long comic book box.

Location: 32 Mountain Ash Drive K2G 6R3 in Barrhaven.

Here are some of the titles we have for sale:

2099 (Various Titles) 52 (Various Titles) 1602 (Various Titles) 47 Ronin Adam Strange Adventure Comics Adventures in the DC Universe Age of Apocalypse Age of Heroes All-Star Squadron All-Star Western (New 52) Alpha Flight (Various Titles) Animal Man (New 52 and Pre-New 52 Titles) Ant Man Aquaman Arion Armageddon (Various Titles) Atlantis Chronicles Atom Avengers (Various Titles) A. Bizarro Advanced Dungeon and Dragons Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix, The Age of Apocalypse Aliens Genocide Amalgam Amazing Adventures Amazons Attack Ambush Bug Amethyst Anima Anita Blake Arak Arcangel Arscnal Artemis Askanlson Atari Force Batman (Various Titles) Batwing (New 52) Batwoman (New 52) Before Watchmen (Various Titles) Bionic Man Birds of Prey Bishop (Various Titles) Black Canary Blackhawk (New 52 and Pre-New 52 Titles) Black Panther (Various Titles) Black Widow (Various Titles) Blue Beetle (New 52 and Pre-New 52 Titles) Blue Devil Booster Gold Brightest Day Battle Tide Batwing Black Adam Black Cat, The Black Condor Blade Blaze Blood Syndicate Braze and the Bold Cable Call of Duty Captain America (Various Titles) Captain Atom (New 52 and Pre-New 52 Titles) Captain Marvel (Various Titles) Catwoman Chaos War Checkmate Cloak and Dagger (Various Titles) Countdown Cage Camlot 3000 Caper Captain Harlok Chain Gang War Challengers of the Unknown Chronos Clandestine Comet, The Cops Creeper, The Crew, The Damage Daredevil (Various Titles) Darkhawk Dark Horse Presents DC Universe Legacies Deadman Deathlok Deathstroke Defenders Demon Demon Knights (New 52) Dial H (New 52) Doctor Strange Doom Patrol Dr. Fate Dragonlance Darkhold Darkstars Day of Vengeance DC comics persents Death’s hand Demon, The Doc Savage Doom 2099 D.P.7 Earth 2 (New 52) Earth X Elektra Excalibur (Various Titles) Exiles Eclipso El Diablo Elf Quest Extreme Justice Fallen Angels Fantastic Four Fear Itself Firestorm (New 52 and Pre-New 52 Titles) Flash Flashpoint Forgotten Realms Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. (New 52) Fury Fate Fighting American Firebrand Force works Forever People Freedom Fighters Gambit Generation X Ghost Rider G.I. Combat (New 52) G.I. Joe Green Arrow Green Hornet Green Lantern (Various Titles) Groo the Wanderer Guardians of The Galaxy Guy Gardner Gunfire Hawk and Dove Hawkgirl Hawkman Hawkman, The Savage (New 52) Hawkworld Hero Heroes for Hire (Various Titles) Heroes Return Hex Hitman Hulk, The Incredible (Various Titles) Human Bomb (New 52) Huntress Hardware Haywire Hellblazer Hercules Heros Return Hourman Humantorch Infinity Crisis Infinity Inc. Iron Man (Various Titles) I, Vampire (New 52) Icon Impulse JLA JSA Journey Into Mystery (Marvel Now) Justice League (New 52 and Various Titles) Jemm Son of Jupiter Justice Katana (New 52) Kirby Genesis Ka-zar Kingdom, The Knights of the Pendragon L.E.G.I.O.N. Legion (New 52) Legion of Monsters Legion of Super-Heroes Legionnaires Lobo Legion Lost Legion Secret Origin Lone Ranger, The Magnus Robot Fighter (Various Titles) Manhunter (Various Titles) Man Thin Martian Manhunte Marvel Age Marvel Comics Presents Marvel Fanfare Marvel Man Marvel Now Point One (Various Issues) Marvel Tales Marvels Project Men of War (New 52) Millenium Mister Miracle Moon Knight (Various Titles) Marvel Adventures Marvel Boy Marvel Knights Marvel Saga, The Mask Maverick ‘Mazing Man Micronauts, The Morbius My Great Adventures Mystery in Space NAM Namor New Gods New Mutants (Various Titles) New Warriors, The Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Night Force (New 52) Night Thrasher Nomad Nova New Guardians, The Nightmask Nightstalker Nightwing Nth Man OMAC (New 52) Omega Men Orion Outsiders (Various Titles) Power Company Power Girl Power Pack Predator (Various Titles) PSI Force Punisher (Various Titles) Phanthom, The Primal Force Pulse, The Quasar Question Ravagers (New 52) Ray Rebels Red Hood (New 52) Red Robin Resurrection Man (New 52 and Pre-New 52 Titles) Robin (Various Titles) Robocop (Various Titles) Rom Ragman Rann-Thanagar Holy War Ravage 2099 Sabretooth Secret Defenders Secret Origins Secret Six Secret Warriors Shade (New 52) Shazam (Various Titles) She-Hulk Shield Showcase Silver Sable Silver Surfer Six Guns Sleepwalker Sovereign Seven Spawn Spectre Spider-Man (Various Titles) Stan Lee’s Mighty Seven Stargate Starjammers Star Man Star Trek (Various Titles) Static Steel Stormwatch (New 52) Suicide Squad Superboy Supergirl Superman (Various Titles) Swamp Thing (New 52) Sword of Sorcery (New 52) Salvation Scare Tactics Secret Wars II Shadowland Shadowpack SpellJammer Squadron Supreme Star Brand Submariner Sowrd of Soloman Cane, The Terminator (Various Titles) Thor (Various Titles) Thunder Agents Thunderbolts Titans (Various Titles) Total Recall Tron Team America Thing, The Thunder Strike Torch, The Ultimate Fantastic Four Ultimate Hawkeye Ultimate X-Men Ultimate (Other Various Titles) Uncle Sam Universe X Venom (Various Titles) Vigilante Vision and the Scarlet Witch Voodoo (New 52) Valor Warlock Warlord War Machine Weird Worlds What If…? What The? Wild Cats Wolverine (Various Titles) Wonder Man Wonder Woman Wanderers, The Warheads Weapon X Web, The Who’s Who Winter Soldier X-Factor (Various Titles) X-Files X-Force (Various Titles) X-Man X-Men (Various Titles) X-51 Young All-Stars Young Justice Zero Hour And many more.