The Musical Box: Genesis – Selling England by the Pound

The Musical Box: Genesis – Selling England by the Pound

Presented by: Rubin Fogel Productions and Dennis Ruffo Productions
Centrepointe Theatre
Friday,  April 13, 2018 at 8:00 p.m.

Presale: December 13, 10 AM to December 14, 10 PM
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The Musical Box, internationally acclaimed for its historical re-enactment of early Genesis’ works, is coming to Canada to perform Selling England by the Pound, the emblematic 1973 show that made Genesis and Peter Gabriel attain rockstar status, enjoying to this day a cult following from nostalgic and young music lovers alike.

With Peter Gabriel’s famous theatrics and genesis’ unique musicianship, the band’s artistry would produce some of the most iconic images and sounds of the progressive rock era, such as the mythic 23 minutes long Supper’s Ready, considered as one of the most intense live experience ever created.

Exclusively licensed by Peter Gabriel and Genesis, the musical box has performed for more than a million spectators worldwide in some of the most prestigious venues such as the london royal albert hall, and had the privilege of receiving Phil Collins and Steve Hackett from Genesis as performing guests. With its quest for authenticity, The Musical Box is often cited as the best interpretation group in the world, proving the relevance of performing comtemporary classics.

The Musical Box will also perform a special “Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” encore as a sneak preview of a new forthcoming tour.

Peter Gabriel – “the musical box recreated, very accurately i must say, what genesis was doing. I saw them in bristol with my children so they could see what their father did back then”

Steve Hackett – “i cannot imagine that you could have a better tribute for any act. They not only manage to sound, but look virtualy identical. It seems as though nothing is too difficult for them”

Mike Rutherford – “it was better than the real thing actually. It was great, that was fantastic.” –

Tony Banks – “the guy who does peter gabriel is brilliant”

Phil Collins – “they’re not a tribute band, they have taken a period and are faithfully reproducing it in the same way that someone would do a theatrical production”

One dollar has been included in the ticket fees at the request of the promoter. For every ticket sold, $1.00 will be donated to the Ottawa Citizen Literacy Foundation by Centrepointe Theatres on behalf of the promoter.