Heart and Stroke Foundation Paper Heart Campaign

February is Heart month and we are getting ready to launch our paper heart campaign at the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

There is no cost to you, we provide you with the paper hearts and you share them with your staff for a minimum donation of $2.  You can then display the hearts on the walls and windows to show your support during heart month.

Some other businesses participating in the campaign have decided to increase their fundraising levels by sharing the hearts for a donation of $5 and one lucky donor at the end of February will be picked and given prize donated by the business.

(The hearts have a space for people to write their name and number on )


Be a champion for heart disease and stroke.

By selling our “Paper Hearts”, your customers and employees can show their support and connection to the cause through a small donation. We  have both paper hearts with a UPC code and ones without.

Through your support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, you will be helping us raise funds for life-saving research that ensures more Canadians can enjoy a healthy life, free from heart disease and stroke.


  • Align your brand with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, build trust at the community level and be seen as a champion of heart disease and stroke.
  • Participation comes at no cost to you. However, you may wish to inspire fundraising with a donation match to demonstrate your corporate support of the cause.

Use this opportunity to engage store staff in a cause that will directly affect them. Motivate and inspire your employees with rewards and recognition