ALS Awareness Ride and BBQ

On June 22, 2024, we will be hosting an event called ALS Awareness Ride and BBQ, where the event starts with a charity motorcycle ride outside the city that will end at Stray Dog Brewery Company parking lot. Afterwards, there is a BBQ for everyone and live music to follow with proceeds donated to the Ottawa Hospital Foundation and ALS Clinic.

There are two parts to this annual ALS Awareness Ride and BBQ Event:

  • ALS Awareness Ride– Start earlier in the day for motorcycle riders.  A scenic motorcycle ride starting at Motor Sports World at 1375 Clyde Ave and designed to end at the Stray Dog Brewing Company.
  • ALS Awareness BBQ – Starts at 3 pm at the Stray Dog Brewing Company parking lot, located at 501 Lacolle Way, Orleans for everyone else not attending the motorcycle ride. This event will consist of a BBQ, Live music, and a silent auction.