boom 99.7’s Community Angels

Unexpected life events and expensive repairs

Are stressful and leave you worried about your family’s future.

You don’t have to face it alone.

boom 99.7 want send our Community Angels to help.  

Share a story of how you or someone you know is in need around your home below, for the chance to have boom 99.7 and our community partners come to the rescue and give some much needed piece of mind for your family.



boom 99.7’s Community Angels to the Rescue! 👼🏼

Meet Simone of Navan. She is 5 and has been diagnosed with Leukemia. Our Community Angels are helping mom (Candice and the family) with her playroom after their basement flooded in January, so she can get back to playing and focus on her treatment at CHEO.

What are the Angels doing for the Pouliott’s?
~ Daniel Bray Renovations will set up a consultation and get the job started with stud work
~ Cate from Sistem Electric said she’d be in touch to donate her time to set the electrical done & help with the permit process.
~ Scott from Tennant Home Services is offering Insulation
~ Jamie from “Chase N Trash” is giving a free, delivered bin for up to 4 ton with pickup.
~ Bill Vail from Vail Home Reno’s will be addressing Drywall
~ Rob from WET PAINT will paint a living room and prime & paint the drywall, for free!

boom 99.7’s Community Angels are on the way to help Amanda Chan and her Mom, who has been putting up with the after-effects of a roof leak.
We’ll be sending Rob French from the WET PAINT Company in to assess and patch & paint. If any drywall is called for we will have Bill Vail from Vail Renovations attend.

Nora Smith from Ottawa reached out, and we called her back.  

Her brother was going to refurbish their parents’ backyard, as they are elderly and ailing and needed to get more fresh air during the pandemic. The backyard is in disarray…..and then her brother was diagnosed with MS.  

The Boom Community Angels to the rescue!  

Matt Champagne Construction and Interlock will be visiting the family and get them sorted out, offering free labour and the same costs for materials that he pays

Linda Mulligan is a double amputee and is getting used to her new life in a wheelchair and her doors were so narrow, she could barely fit through them and she would often rap her knuckles.

Marc Dupuis (Eco Smart Builders) and Bill Vail (Vail Reno’s & Handyman Services) thanks for stepping up for the Drywall portion of this Job! 

Dan Bray has been kind enough to cross town and step up and lead this job once again with planning, demo, doors and floors. Andrew Lit has volunteered for the re-locate on the electrical.


Thanks to:

Eco Smart Builders

Vail Renovations & Handyman Services

Lit Electric