Make a statement and stand out with these face masks

Because of Covid-19, Face masks are part of the new norm, but, instead of owning one that you have to wear, why not get a few you can’t wait to wear!


Just like with any article of clothing, with face masks you can make a statement, or show off your love of a sports team or something else you’re passionate about!

Sports Teams


Sure, they may not be playing right now, but you can still show off how much you love your team by getting a face mask with their logo on it! Be the superfan you already are by donning a mask like this from!

Another great place to find sports team masks is Etsy!  Just do a search at, or click THIS link to check out the results I came up with.


Comic books, sci-fi and video games

Another category of fandom that people like to show off their love for, most often on t-shirts, is comic books, sci-fi and video games!

Whether you’re a fan of Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, Fortnite or Minecraft, you’ll be able to find a face mask to fit you! If you’re into pretty much anything else, just do a Google search and you’ll probably be able to find a face mask to represent it!


Bands and musical artists

I’m not going to talk much about this category of Face Mask, because if I did, we would be here all day! There’s just so many different genres of music, not to mention the artists themselves. Whoever, or whatever you’re into, might have a face mask to satisfy every music lover!

Canadian themed


To round out this look at Face masks that you’ll be proud to wear, a category we can all get behind!

There are many places online where you can buy Canadian branded Face masks, but a website that has come up in my search time and time again is, with prices as low as $5!!


Etsy is also great because you can specify that you want to buy from Canadian sellers! So, not only are you getting a face mask with a maple leaf on it, but one that is being sold by someone in this country too!

So, as you’ve seen, there are masks out there that you’ll actually be excited to wear!  Besides, any fabric, reusable mask is better than the disposable kind, too many of which I’ve seen thrown on the ground!!

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