3 alternatives to Zoom you may already have

Before the Covid-19 global pandemic not many people had heard of the video conferencing service Zoom!


But now, with everybody isolating at home helping to stop the spread, Zoom has become the go-to for people wanting to see their family, friends or co-workers.

There are however, a few drawbacks from using Zoom, like the fact that you have to install yet another app on your smartphone, tablet or computer!


Well, it’s a good thing there are some alternatives, which you may already have on your device, and here’s three of them!


Of all the services out there, Skype has been around the longest, but has only recently added their new Meet Now option, (a direct jab at Zoom.)  With Meet Now, you can create a video meeting without signing up for the service, record calls, blur the background (if you have the app) and share presentations.


Not to be outdone, Facebook has also entered the video conferencing fray with Rooms.  The feature allows up to 50 people to join with no time limit, and you also don’t need to have a FB account to join.  The room creator has full control over who’s allowed in, from a set number of friends and family, to the public with a link you share on social media. There’s also camera filters, mood lighting, and 360° backgrounds.


If you have an Android phone, chances are pretty good that this app came preinstalled, but Google Duo only recently got some new add-ons to compete with Zoom, like inviting someone just by sending a link.  Duo also only allows 16 participants, (you can have 250 on Google’s other video conferencing Meet) but it does have the unique feature of being able to doodle on the video feed.


So, if you’re looking for an video conferencing alternative to Zoom, check out one of the choices above! There’s also a tons of other apps and websites with similar functionalities, but these you may already have and/or are familiar with!

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