Weekly Survey: Which musician should go on the new Canadian five-dollar bill?

The rules for getting someone on our money are simple. Outside of the Queen, anyone on our money must be deceased and has to exemplify something great about Canada.

So far, the favourite seems to be Terry Fox, which is an excellent choice. But what about musicians?

Gord Downie has been floated. Sadly, so has Neil Peart. But on the happier side, many of our legendary musicians are still with us: Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman, etc., etc.

So to make this a little easier, I’ve created this poll with a few eligible deceased Canadian musicians: Gord, Neil, Frankie Venom, and Stompin’ Tom Connors.

Nothing is binding, of course, but let’s see what people think about these choices.


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