Naming a star for the first time

A number of years ago I remember seeing commercials on TV about being able to name a star after somebody or something, and that was the inspiration for my 52 in 52 challenge this week.

Unlike the International Star Registry though, which charges you a fee, I found a website that offers star naming for free!


Three reasons why they’re free from

  1. Nobody owns the stars, therefore nobody should sell them.
  2. The only official authority to name stars is the International Astronomical Union, who won’t let you name a star.
  3. Therefore, any star naming service you find on the Internet will simply keep your name in their private database, but it will never be the star’s official name.

The website offers their star naming service for free, but if you insist on paying them some money, there is that option too!


For the low, low price of $5 you’ll get a high quality PDF download of the constellation that your star is located in, with your star highlighted on the star chart.

If you’d like to name a star for free like I did, just go to and click on Name a Star to get started.

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