Picking up roadside trash for the first time

On my way into work I walk along a stretch of road that always has a bunch of trash piled up alongside it.  Every day I just want to stop and pick it all up, but I’m usually running late or something.


Well, enough!  Because for my latest 52 in 52 activity I picked up all that garbage during about an hour and a half of roadside cleaning, which I’d never done before this week.

If you wanted to clean up the side of a road or street near you, it really doesn’t take very much.


You could go all in and officially adopt a highway, cleaning a particular stretch of road in the Spring and Summer.  More information on doing that can be found HERE.

If that’s too much of a commitment, there’s also annual clean up events like Ottawa’s GLAD Cleaning the Capital. Do a Google search to find one near you.

Or you can simply do what I did. Grab some work gloves, a few garbage bags and just start picking up trash.

If you don’t want to pick up trash though, please encourage others to not throw it on the ground in the first place!  Simple right?


My challenge of trying 52 new things in 52 weeks continues! Stay tuned, come back HERE or follow me on Twitter, and/or Instagram to find out what I’ll be doing next!!



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