3 FaceApp alternatives if you're worried about privacy

If you’ve been on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook recently you may have noticed a lot of users posting pictures of themselves as older, or younger people.

It’s called the FaceApp Challenge, which is when people share photos of themselves of what they might look like 20 years older or younger than they are now.


But now some users are are ditching the app after privacy concerns were raised that it’s Russian developer may be harvesting metadata from smartphones, and could be keeping photos on their servers, even after they’re deleted from people’s devices.

If you have privacy concerns, stop using FaceApp and try one of the 3 alternatives below.


1. Oldify

Oldify is quite similar to FaceApp which means it’s simple and works for the most part. The great part about Oldify is that you can manually enter your age and find aging images. Besides that, you have access to lots of effects as well.

Android (Free), iOS ($1.39)


2. AgingBooth

Of course AgingBooth lets you transform photos to make yourself look older, but the app also has auto-cropping, before and after views (just by shaking the device,) save to photo gallery, and the ability to share results on social media.

Android (Free), iOS (Free)


3. Face Changer Photo Gender Editor

Similar to other apps on the list, Face Changer allows you to make yourself look old, but you can also change your gender, make yourself more attractive, become bald, skinny and so on.

Android (Free)

Of course you could just continue using FaceApp; but keep in mind that the app’s user agreement says they use third-party tools to collect large amounts of data from devices, “including the web pages you visit, add-ons, and other information that assists us in improving the Service.”


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