Viral hoax Momo set to become a horror movie

The infamous “Momo challenge” that went viral last February and shocked millions of parents around the world seems to be making a comeback.

This time, however, it will return in a new — and possibly even more terrifying — way.

According to Deadline, the harrowing Japanese art sculpture best known across the globe as Momo is reportedly being made into a feature-length film.

At the helm of Orion Pictures, producers Takashige Ichise and Roy Lee are joining forces once again to create the horror flick.

The duo is best known for working together on The Grudge (2004) and for their contributions to The Ring film franchise. Ichise worked as a producer on the original Japanese films, while Lee produced the American remakes.

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No details about the plot for the upcoming film have been revealed, however it’s possible the story it will relate to the 2018 hoax that urged people, mainly children, to do dangerous things to themselves by cyberbullying them.

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Often, the challenge encouraged youngsters to take part in self-harm or even take their own lives.

Some cybersecurity experts told Global News last September that hackers behind the insidious challenge would threaten users to expose their personal information or hurt their families if they didn’t fulfil the challenge.

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As of this writing, it’s unclear when the untitled Momo-inspired film will be released.

There is also no information currently available regarding when production on the film will begin.

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