Riding an entire bus route for the first time

I’ve been taking public transportation all of my life.  Even at a young age, my sisters and I would take bus trips “downtown.” Even now, when my wife has our car, I take OC Transpo‘s #88 bus to, and sometimes from work.  One thing I’ve never done though is take the bus for it’s entire route.  That is, of course until this week when I did it for my 52 in 52 challenge.

At first the plan was to ride my regular bus, but learned that the #88 stopped 84 times!! Not wanting to be driven around Ottawa all day, I chose route #91 instead, because it only has 22 stops.  Besides, the scenery is much, much better!

Riding the 91 bus also gave me the chance to go to a magical place I’d never been before… Place d’Orleans!!!


Of course I had to take photos and video to document my trip, so it was lucky that the #91 was a double decker bus!

Seriously though, there were some pretty cool views from the second level as we drove down the road.

The round trip took around 2 hours to complete, so by the end I was ready for it to end!

Lucky for you I cut the trip down to about a minute in the below video!

My personal challenge of trying 52 new things in 52 weeks continues next week! Stay tuned, come back HERE or follow me on Twitter, and/or Instagram to find out what I’ll be doing next!!

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