3 plastic-free Canadian businesses you should be backing

As plastic is one of the leading polluters in our oceans, it’s time Canadian businesses started making more environment-friendly decisions. One way I’ve noticed Canadian businesses are being more environmentally accountable is by not offering single use plastics anymore!


Let’s think of this as our opportunity to vote with the almighty dollar and show other organizations that this is what we, their customers want.

So, with that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of these places to better guide our spending dollars.

1. National Arts Centre

Later this summer the Ottawa live performance venue will be replacing plastic food and drinking containers with plant-based alternatives, which will then be composted and be used to grow flowers and herbs in the NAC’s rooftop garden.


2. Tim Hortons

The coffee empire is introducing a 100 per cent recyclable lid and will be testing a more environmentally friendly paper cup as the company tries to reduce its environmental footprint.  They also plan to roll out strawless lids for its ice coffee and wooden stir sticks.


3. IKEA Canada

As of May 1st, plastic straws are no longer being sold at the furniture giant and have been replaced by a new biodegradable paper version.  It’s IKEA’s first steps towards completely eliminating single use plastic products from their stores.


Those are just 3 Canadian businesses or organizations striving to offer patrons more environmentally friendly products.   Hopefully this list will continue to grow over time!


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