Eating a Caesar salad for the first time

I’ll admit it, this week’s activity in my 52 in 52 challenge was a pretty simple one.  Just eat a Caesar salad for the very first time!

Easy peasy right? The only problem is… I hate ANYTHING on my salad!!


Okay, maybe not anything.  I’m cool with maybe a few carrot pieces mixed in, but that’s about it!!

So, when my list of activities I’d be doing for my 52 in 52 challenge was being put together, my step daughter Layla suggested eating a Caesar salad, because she knows me much too well!!


But, not being that kind of person that backs out of a challenge I accepted, despite the fact that regret immediately set in!

I thought it might not be too bad considering that over the past few years I’d been eating more and more foods that were previously on my “Don’t Like” list!

If you’re a picky eater like me then you know all too well the inconvenience of not liking a food that everybody else loves!

Hope of finally enjoying salad that was composed of more than just lettuce were dashed as soon as my taste buds detected those foreign substances!

Now that Layla threw down the gauntlet, will others challenge me for future 52 in 52 activities?  Man, I hope not!!


My mission to try 52 new things in 52 weeks carries on! Stay tuned, come back here or follow me on Twitter, and/or Instagram to find out what I’ll be doing next!!



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