The Missing Children's Network launches internet publicity campaign for 35 missing children

A Quebec non-profit group is launching a publicity campaign for the cases of 35 missing children through a partnership with MSN Quebec.

Throughout May, which is Missing Children’s Month, the MSN website will display records of children whose disappearances date from a few months ago to a few years ago.

Missing Children’s Network delivers tips to help keep children safe

Pina Arcamone, who heads Reseau Enfants-Retour, says she places hope in the nearly one million daily visitors to the site.

The non-profit organization has received increasing recognition at home and abroad, taking on 32 cases of missing children outside the country, mostly in Europe.

WATCH: A year later, missing Montreal boy’s family prays for his return

The number of missing children in Quebec fell by 18 per cent last year, due mainly to a steep drop in the number of runaways reported to police.

There were 5,927 reports of missing children to police in Quebec in 2018 compared to 7,025 the previous year, according to an annual RCMP report listing all missing children across Canada.

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