Here's why you should be using Google Photos

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You upgrade to a new smartphone, but somehow in the transition, the backup fails and you lose all of your photos and videos!


To guarantee this never happens to you, or never happens to you AGAIN, please install Google Photos!

Google Photos gives users FREE, UNLIMITED storage for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution.


You may be saying to yourself, but I have iCloud storage!  Um… the image below says it all!!

iCloud users only get 5GB of free storage, which will not last you very long.  After that you have to pay to get more; like $0.99 a month for an additional 50GB.


Yes, iCloud is integrated into your iPhone, so you don’t have to think about backing up photos and videos, but guess what? Google Photos is too!  Even if you don’t own an Android device, just download the app, set it to auto upload, and you’re done!

With Google Photos, you can improve the quality of photos and videos.


The service also lets you search for anything in your images (machine learning recognizes faces, geographic landmarks and subject matter, including birthdays, buildings, animals, food, and more.)

Plus, Google Photos will automatically generate…

  • Albums.
  • Animated quick videos from similar photos.
  • Past memories at significant times.


My favourite Google Photos feature is the “Assistant,” where you can create a movie, collage, animation, and photo book, which is a physical thing that they deliver to you, starting at $17.99.

In conclusion, why pay Apple for more storage when you Google gives it to you for free!  Or, why upload your photos and videos to some other web service yourself, when Google will do it for you automatically!


Never, ever lose photos or videos again by using Google Photos!

Disclaimer; I was not paid by Google for this endorsement.  I’ve just used the service for years and really, really love it!


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