A few simple things you can do to help the planet

It seems like scary stories about the shape of our environment are coming out on a more and more regular basis lately!

The worse it gets, the more important it is for everybody to do their part to help the planet in some way or another!


So, in honour of Earth Day let’s commit ourselves to make small changes in our daily lives to help the planet! Here’s a few simple things you can do!

1. Use Reusable Bags

Single use plastic grocery-type bags that get thrown out end up in landfills or in other parts of the environment. They can suffocate animals, not to mention it takes forever for them to decompose!


Whether you’re shopping for food, clothes or books, use a reusable bag. This cuts down on litter and prevents animals from getting a hold of them.

2. Recycle

It’s such a simple thing to do, but a lot of people don’t recycle, at least not as much as they should.  If you don’t have the proper bins, ask your city.  just make habit out of it, and pretty soon it’ll become automatic.  Show your kids how easy it is so it becomes a part of their daily routine as well!


Don’t let your recycling habit lapse while out and about either! Take some extra steps to locate recycling bins in public places so you don’t have to throw something in the trash that can be recycled.

3. Use a Reusable Beverage Containers

Instead of buying individually-packaged drinks, consider buying a bulk container of your desired beverage and purchase a reusable water bottle. Not only will this help the environment, but it will also help you save money since you are buying a bulk container.


Many restaurants offer reusable containers for drinks, so if you go to a certain place a lot, consider buying one of these containers. Some coffee shops even offer a discount to customers who use a reusable container for their drinks.

4. Save Electricity!

Use energy-efficient light bulbs instead of regular bulbs, which last longer, and save you money.  Also, turn off lights, the TV, and other appliances when you are not using them.


Lower your air conditioning or heat when it’s not necessary. This is especially true for between seasons. Open your windows in the early fall or layering your clothes in the early fall.

There ya go!  Just a few simple things you can do to help the planet.  If everyone does their part, maybe we can slow down global climate change.  Happy Earth Day!!

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