"Hellboy" and "Missing Link" are in theatres this weekend! Here are the new TRAILERS!

Shazam!” was at the top of the box office rankings last weekend pulling in $53.5 million.

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The “Pet Sematary” remake landed at #2 with only $24.5 million in it’s first week of release.

Dumbo” has been a bit of a flop. It came in at #3. In two weekends it’s brought in only $76 million. It’s budget was $170 million. Yikes!

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Check out all the numbers HERE

Have a look at what’s out this weekend!


“Hellboy” – Starring David Harbour


“Missing Link” – Starring Hugh Jackman


“After” – Starring Selma Blair


“Little” – Starring Regina Hall

Full details on new films HERE


Have an amazing Spring weekend!

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