Finding purpose

You know how sometimes you just wonder what your purpose is?

Lots of us can get stuck in that rut of ‘what’s the point’…

I know I’ve been there. And still find myself there sometimes.

I heard something this weekend about how we all need to feel significant. And the way to do that is to be of service. Which makes sense to me. When I’m all caught up in my own sh#t, it’s easy to get down and lose perspective. I’ve tried different things – volunteering with people (both kids and adults) and while I knew that I was being of service, it didn’t bring me joy – or “spark joy” to bring some Marie Kondo into this post.

But I have finally found something that does. Volunteering that I look forward to every week. I swear. Animals are amazing. Getting to spend time with these beauties makes me so happy.

Apparently Mark and I have done some of the same shifts because I know all of these dogs!

If you haven’t found ‘your’ thing yet, don’t give up. Maybe it’s not animals for you. But there will be something that gets you excited every day. Something where you’re giving of your time and/or skills. And it will make those crappy days so much more tolerable. xo


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