This is how I'm celebrating my 52nd birthday

It’s my 52nd birthday on Wednesday, and this year I decided to do something a little different to celebrate!  Actually, the celebration is going to last for the next 52 weeks!!


It’s not going to be a constant, non-stop party, if that’s what you think.  I’m way too old to try something crazy like that! Here’s what the plan is instead.

So, every week until my 53rd birthday, I’ll be doing an activity that I’ve never ever tried.


Before you start thinking of a bunch of crazy things for me to do, here’s one ground rule.

NO HEIGHTS!  I’m deathly afraid of them, so that rules out…

  • bungee jumping
  • sky diving
  • mountain climbing
  • Basically anything that taking place where I could fall to my death!!

Here’s a few of the things that I will be doing over the next 52 weeks…

Skating on the Rideau Canal
Axe throwing
Tending bar
Taking a carriage ride and, or driving a carriage/wagon
Going through the Rideau Canal locks in a canoe
Riding along in a snow plow, police car, ambulance, fire truck and, or self-driving car
Glass blowing
Spending a night in a haunted location
Getting a barber shave
Taking dance lessons
Getting palm read
Taking part in high tea
Yoga on Parliament Hill
Jumping on a trampoline
Walking across Ottawa
Playing a round of golf
White water rafting
Taking part in a 5k running event
Busking in the Byward Market
Milking a cow, or other animal
Wear a team mascot costume at a game
Eat a Cesar Salad
Learn to ride a motorcycle
Scuba dive
Taking part in Dragon boat race
Get a Colonoscopy
Shave my head completely
Carving an ice sculpture
Doing a polar plunge
Fire walking
Get a mani pedi
Go in a flotation tank

No! If you have a suggestion of what else I should do, please leave your ideas in the comments section of this blog, or reach out to me on Twitter and Instagram.

If you’d like to follow me on this year-long journey, I’ll be posting videos, pictures and my thoughts on these experiences on this blog, or check my social media channels for the highlights.

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