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It was a phenomenon of the 1990’s. MTV was still relevant and many artists flocked to the television giant to promote any upcoming record release, it was the unplugged series.

The first major artist to have huge success was Eric Clapton with his MTV Unplugged. The album was released in 1992 and went on to sell close to 30 million copies!

This blog is NOT about MTV, or the unplugged series. This blog is about hearing your favorite song stripped down. You can tell a song is a genuine hit when you get rid of all the frills, all the devices and you hear it in its rawest form

Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Under the bridge’

This is the perfect Peppers song. Producer Rick Rubin found one of Anthony Kiedis’ poems that he was hiding, and asked him ‘why aren’t we using this?’. The song was too personal for him. It turns out it was one of the bands biggest songs!

It was never an ‘official release’ but R.E.M. took part in the unplugged craze.  You’ll notice in this video singer Michael Stipe had to print out the lyrics.

One band we all would have LOVED to see on the unplugged series is the Tragically Hip, sadly that will never happen. This is as close to unplugged as we’ll get.

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