My 2019 tech gadget wish list

On the last entry of my Easy Tech blog I told you about some mobile apps to help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions.  In keeping with that New Year’s theme, this time I’m going to reveal some tech products I’d like to purchase for myself in 2019! Maybe some of these will be of interest to you as well.


Furbo Dog Camera


Realistically I can’t see myself buying this interactive smart dog camera that lets you see, talk, and toss treats to your dog from anywhere.  The price is just way too high!  It would be awesome to be able to check in with my dog Oliver, but knowing him, he’d probably freak out every time it turned on!


Amazon Echo Show – $299


Ever since getting two Echo Dots for my birthday last year, I’ve been addicted to using Alexa for everything from playing music, checking the weather or adding items to our family’s shopping list.  Sometimes though it would be nice to have a screen to see additional information or to watch video.  With the Echo Show, you can do that and more, like making video calls and checking your recipes! $299 is a little too rich for my blood, but maybe it’ll go down in price once the next generation comes out.


Unet TV Antenna with Converter Box


In an age of digital, on-demand everything, this may seem like a weird choice, but hear me out!  My family is considering cutting the cord, and only paying for Internet.  Since most streaming services don’t provide live TV, this solves that problem.  There’s a bunch of free TV signals just floating in the air out there, so all we’ll have to do is attach the provided antenna and use the PVR functionality to record our favourite shows.


Handheld Smartphone Film Making Rig


And finally, one of the things I’ll be doing more of in 2019 is producing videos, and these days I do most shooting and editing on smartphones.  This stabilizer rig just gives them more functionality, and improves the overall look of what’s being filmed.  Attach a shotgun mic or video light and then either hold it in your hands, or mount to a tripod.  And at $28.99 the price isn’t too bad either!


Okay, now that I’ve revealed my wish list, tell me what kind of tech you would you like to get in 2019!

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