Have a Presto card? Try using this new app!

If you use public transportation on a regular basis then I’m sure you’re familiar with Presto right?


No, not the Presto FryDaddy deep fryer!  The Presto CARD!!

Well, it’s not JUST a card anymore.  Presto now has it’s very own mobile app!

Sorry, but you’ll still need your card get on the bus or subway!


The “tap to ride” feature, where all you’ll need is a smartphone is coming, sometime in the future!

In the meantime there are still plenty of reasons to try out the new app, like the ability to…

  • load funds and transit passes
  • receive low balance and pass expiry reminders
  • pay with Apple or Google Pay
  • set up and manage Autoload and Autorenew
  • manage multiple PRESTO cards
  • check card balances
  • view transaction history
  • buy a PRESTO card and create a PRESTO account


My favourite feature is called “instant load,” which allows Android users who have NFC on their phones to load funds instantaneously by pressing credit or debit against the back of their smartphones.

The new Presto app is still in the testing phase, so you may not have the opportunity to use it yet, but go ahead and try by clicking below.

Google Play app icon Apple Store app icon

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