Why I love fostering

I know. I talk about fostering (animals) a lot.

* I have to clarify that I foster animals and not humans because I mentioned something once about leaving my foster alone all day at home and someone gave me a weird look.

Anyway, I’ve been fostering (mostly cats) for many years now. And I still love it. If you’re a pet lover but for whatever reason, can’t commit to owning your own pet, fostering is such a great option.

My current cat is by far the most affectionate kitty I have ever had enter my home. She’s legit the baby spoon. She’ll spoon into me and stay there all night. She’s adorbs. She also has a cold and sneezes in my face, which I’m LESS happy about, but what can ya do…

She also likes to drink from the toilet. Again, not super keen on that, but whatever keeps her hydrated.

If you’re interested in finding out more, definitely check out the Ottawa Humane Society or one of the other great animal rescue groups in the area. There are many! (I just mention OHS because that’s the one that I volunteer through.)

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