Please stop holding your phone like this!

Can I get something off my chest?  It’s a thing that’s been bothering me for a very long time and I really need to tell somebody!

Smartphone video that’s recorded vertically REALLY bothers me!


This is totally a me thing! It’s not like I’ll hate you if this is something that you do, it just absolutely drives me crazy!  So, do me a favour okay?  Please keep reading, and maybe by the end I’ll be able to convince you that holding your phone horizontally is the right way to shoot video!


First, may I present to you, exhibit A!

As of right now the only “televisions” that are displayed vertically are some people’s computer monitors so, I don’t think that counts!

I know most of us watch video on our phones in the vertical position, but until companies start manufacturing TVs that are meant to be watched that way as well, we’re going to keep seeing reports like this on the news…

It’s all that space on either side of the footage!!!! What could be hiding underneath it?  I guess we’ll never know since the person who shot that video chose not to turn their phone sideways!

In the example above, if the video had been shot vertically we would’ve never seen that cute baby!!!

Look at all that beautiful scenery above! You would’ve missed most of it if you had chose to record your video vertically!


You may be wondering about Instagram or Snapchat.  Aren’t those platforms made specifically for vertical videos?  The answer is yes, but those are pretty much the only exceptions!

Finally, if you just can’t help but hold your phone vertically when shooting video, here’s the answer!

The Horizon camera app, available for both iPhone and Android, automatically shoots your video horizontally even if you’re holding your phone vertically.  Brilliant!!

looping forever

My horizontal video recording argument might be moot though, because it looks like the Internet has been embracing vertical for a couple years now!

But, that won’t stop me!  I will not be swayed!  It’s horizontal or nothing for my videos!!!!

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