Tim's kinda date

Last week, I brought these date desserts to work. Tim declined, because he’s not a date guy.

I didn’t push it, but this morning, I decided to give it another shot, because seriously, these things are AMAZING. And so easy to make.

The recipe?


peanut butter (I use smooth natural peanut butter)

melted chocolate chips

That’s it.

You pit the dates. Slather some peanut butter onto them (I tried to get it in the hole where the pit was removed, although it didn’t work that well), and then you dip it in melted chocolate. That’s it.

Put them in the fridge to harden and you are set.

Today Tim tried them.

Have a listen:

YES! Peanut butter chocolate covered dates for the win.

Delicious Lamorne Morris GIF by New Girl - Find & Share on GIPHY

On a related note, here’s an awesome smoothie recipe that calls for dates:

2 dates

spoonful of cocoa

frozen banana chunks

milk (I usually use almond milk)

Whip it up in the Nutribullet (or other blender).


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