Heartbreaking message from vet about putting down pets

I remember being there when we had to put one of our cats down. It was horrible. I still remember my choked cry the moment it happened. I’m tearing up just writing about it. It’s awful. We love our pets so much and saying goodbye is terrible. But we owe it to our pets to BE THERE.

A vet wrote a heartbreaking post about owners who aren’t there in the room with their pets for their final moments. I can’t imagine NOT being there. As awful as it was, I could never have just left our little Sam to leave this world without being there next to him.

You can read more about the post here.

I just found this post that I wrote on that awful day – April 15, 2013.

Today we said goodbye to Sam, almost 18 years after his mom first plopped him down at our cottage. He was the cat that just kept on going – as the vet said, he went way beyond his ‘9 lives’.  I remember sitting on the kitchen floor, firing his hard food across the floor – watching as he would pounce on it like a wild cat and cup it in his paw while he’d devour it and get back into position for more. When you’d find the right spot (somewhere near his ears and chin) he’d lean right into you – pushing for more attention and affection.  Hearing his purr kick in was always the best.  I think he was double jointed because somehow he’d always manage to squirm his way out of his harness when he was outside and try to take off on adventures. (He’d never go far though – he wasn’t the bravest of cats).  We loved him much and the house will be a quieter place without him, but he lived a great life and left us with many memories.

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