August 8th is World Cat Day

So today is World Cat Day – a day to celebrate our feline (and sometimes frightening) friends.

We had a cat when I was growing up. His name was Benjamin. He was evil. And yet, I loved him.

Even after he ran across my face, leaving me with a scar that lingers to this day.

After his unfortunate demise (I will never again have an outdoor cat), I was done with cats.

Until I wasn’t. But it wasn’t by choice. A cat followed me back to our cottage. She needed a home. (I was still against this plan – for real – not even being facetious.) But we took her in. And then she left the next day. Only to return with a kitten. So we went from zero to two.

They’ve both since moved on to cat land.

One day I’ll probably get another cat. And a dog. For now, fostering with the Humane Society is tops for me. It’s perfect. I get to help out animals who aren’t yet ready for a permanent home – without the long-term responsibility. This is a commitment phobic’s dream.

Interested in volunteering at the Humane Society? (If not as a foster, they also need people to socialize with animals on site.)

Or just hit up the Feline Cafe on Wellington for some cuddle time with cats and kittens (that are up for adoption).

side note – the Dear Kitten videos on Youtube are awesome.

Here’s one of the many fosters I’ve had over the years. (shakes head)


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