A little 4 year old girl gets the "Courtney Cox moment" at a Boss show in Oslo

The Boss is on tour in Europe right now, and at a recent show in Oslo, Norway we saw something that brought back lots of great memories and reminded us why the Boss is such a cool character.

It was kind of a ‘Courtney Cox moment’ except this time it was a 4 year old girl who got the spotlight.

He was performing the song “Waiting on a Sunny day” and was kind of shuffling around the stage when a little girl in the front row waved at him and caught his eye.  He waved back, and then with a smile pulled the little girl up on stage and danced around while he held her by the hand.

And then when he put the mic in her face, she surprised everyone:

Rather unexpected considering she’s only 4 years old and the concert is in a foreign country!

It was a moment for sure.  Another superstar on our hands?

It was 34 years ago that we got our first look at another young star

Courtney Cox was a little bit older (she was 19) the night the Boss pulled her up on stage in the now famous MTV moment.

It was the first night of the “Born in the USA” tour in June of 1984 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The footage was captured by famed Director Brian DePalma, and has become an indelible musical moment — for the ages .

It was our first look at Courtney, who’d we’d all get to know very well as she later became one of televisions biggest stars on FRIENDS.

In Oslo, Springsteen finished the song by putting the little girl up on his shoulders, much to the approval of the crowd proving the Boss still has that special touch with his audiences.

Just another one of those boss moments, that Bruce is so famous for.

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