How to overcome fears and phobias

I am deathly afraid of heights!  Going up in tall buildings is okay, but I have a REALLY hard time going near windows, and wouldn’t be caught dead on a ledge, or repelling down one!!


Just watching the above gif is making me sweat!  Not even for a million dollars could I do that!!! Seriously though, who would do that?  Crazy people, that’s who!!

Another fear of mine is being in certain social situations.  Yeah, I know, “You’re on the radio Dave, and talk to thousands of people all the time!”  Believe it or not, I’m completely fine with that, or even speaking in front huge crowds, like from on stage at RBC Bluesfest.  It’s the talking to someone I don’t know one on one, or in a small group that I have a problem with!

My wife has a fear of tornadoes, which may go back to her watching the Wizard of Oz at a very early age!  I myself was more afraid of that really mean woman who wanted to take Toto away!


So, what are you afraid of?  If it’s the fear of flying, you may not want to watch this video!


That was footage from a Dublin to Zadar, Croatia flight that was forced to do an emergency landing in Berlin Saturday after losing cabin pressure. Oxygen masks fell as the plane descended 26,000 feet in just seven minutes. 33 of the 189 passengers were admitted to a hospital, some with bleeding from the ears.

If you suffer from any of those above fears and phobias, here are some ways to work through them.

Gradual exposure

  • This method allows you to withdraw when the fear becomes too much, but lets you make progress at controlling it each time by pushing yourself slowly further.

Flooded exposure

  • Being completely exposed to your fear could help your fears run their course, by making you realise the situation is not actually harmful.

Self-help tools

  • There are a number of books, apps and online programs designed to help you face your own fears.

Reading around

  • Many fears can be irrational, so finding out as much as you can about a topic can help.

Small steps

  • Begin with an easy situation and work up to facing your fear.


If you have fears or phobias, give those tips a try, and you may be able to finally overcome them.  If something else has worked for you, please share it in the comments below!

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