5 songs you must hear this week (July 09, 2018)

Just in time for Monday, here are five songs that might help take the sting out of the start of a new workweek.

1. Flora Cash, “You’re Somebody Else”
Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine) (Icons Creating Evil Art)
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Right off the top, this isn’t a person but a husband-and-wife team. After they met on social media (SoundCloud, actually), he (Sphresa Lleshaj) flew from Stockholm to met her (Cole Randall) in person. Things clicked and they both went back to Sweden to form this band. An EP followed within months and a year later, they were married and have been working together ever since. So how’s your online dating game?

2. Shotty Horroh, “Shudehill”
Single (Sony)
RIYL: A Liam Gallagher-esque snarl

Why, if your real name is Adam Rooney, would you change it to Shotty Horroh? To stand out amongst a crowd of British battle rappers. Deadmau5 became an early fan of the guy and has worked with him on a number of recordings over the year. Shotty also has seven albums of his own with an eighth on the way sometime later this year. This is the first single.

3. Goodnight, Sunrise, “Runaways”
Single (Rejection Records)
RIYL: Metric, Monowhales, Muse

When Bon Jovi swung through Toronto earlier this year, there was a contest to find a band to open the gig. The winner on this stop was local indie band Goodnight, Sunrise (get the comma in there). They’ve been gigging around Ontario since about 2011, releasing a couple of albums and EPs along the way.

4. Art D’Ecco, “Nobody’s Home”
Single (Paper Bag)
RIYL: Bowie pretending to be Grimes underscored with Peter Hook’s bassline

Yes, it’s a dude singing. Vancouver’s Art D’Ecco (Love the name. Someone should have scooped that up ages ago) sounds like something transported forward in time from Blitz Kids clubland c.1983. Neo-glam? Trans-everything? Post-New Romantic? Doesn’t matter. Just listen.

5. IDLES, “Danny Nedelko”
Joy as an Act of Resistance (Partisan Records)
RIYL: British punk RAWK

Yep. I like this. A lot. Ever since I discovered their 2017 album, Brutalism, I’ve been telling everyone about IDLES (yes, in all caps, please). There’s rage, desperation, fear, wit, excitement, rage and more in what they do. Put it this way: I’d never want to spill their pint. The Foo Fighters are fans, by the way. This record will be out August 31.

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