$2 craft beers in Ottawa and an ode to IPAs

I’ve been drinking beer for most of my adult life, but for most of that time it was common brands like Bud, Labatts or Coors.  Once in a while I’d get something “fancy;” maybe Heineken or Corona, but a few years ago that changed! One day I made the decision to start broadening my palate and started giving some different types and brands of beer a try.  That’s when I discovered INDIA PALE ALE!!!!!!!!!


The heavens opened up, and I haven’t drank any other type of beer since!

I’m also particular about what kind of India Pale Ale it is.  There are a bunch of different styles, like English, Session, or Black IPA.  For me the only way to go is West Coast, or American.


Cowbell Brewing Co’s Boxing Bruin is currently my favourite IPA.  Also in my top 3 are…

I’m always looking for a new one to try so, I was very happy to see that there’s a new mobile app available for users in Ottawa called the Craft Beer Passport.

With Craft Beer Passport, (which is free to download on iOS and Android,) visit any participating establishment on your “passport” account and be rewarded with a 12 oz. craft beer for only $2. For example, Big Rig Brewery, one of the participating restaurants, typically sells a 12 oz. beer for $4.75.


A map on the app makes it easy for users to find the closest participating location.

The Craft Beer Passport will be accepted in more than 70 bars, breweries and beer producers across the province. In Ottawa, there are several, including Big Rig Brewery, Covered Bridge Brewing, Dominion City Brewing, Flora Hall Brewing, Hintonburg Public House, Stray Dog Brewing, Vimy Brewing, Waller Street, Brewing Whiprsnapr Brewing.

So, let the exploring begin!  I can’t wait to find my new favourite IPA in Ottawa!!

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