From the Dept of Rich Rock Stars: Pink Floyd man's latest Ferrari

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason has been one of Modena’s best customers for years, so he’s the sort who gets first crack at new models. For example, he was one of the 300 people allowed the privilege of buying an Enzo when they became available.

Well, it’s happened again.

It sports one of the dumbest names ever for a car, but the Ferrari LaFerrari is undeniably gorgeous. The colour is Blu Pozzi, a famous and historic part of the Ferrari palette. Only 499 of these beasts were built. And the cost? Approximately $3 million USD.

To his credit, Nick actually drives his cars (and races them; too. He’s crashed a couple, but he doesn’t seem to mind). His collection includes a Ferrari F40 and one of the ultra-rare (there are only 39!) 250 GTOs. Oh, and when he gets tired of driving Italian, he has a McLaren F1 GTR somewhere in the back of the garage.

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