Video; French family chased by cheetah's

I have a question.

Have people not yet realized NOT to stick their hands into an animal cage at the Zoo?

Have people not learned NOT to get out of their cars, at Safari Parks?

Do they not have YOU TUBE?

Can’t they read the signs in the Park?

If often goes horribly wrong,

It gets so infinitely stupid, that I actually begin to cheer on the animals.

But in this case, this ‘mother’ had her toddler in her arms when she got out for a stroll to look at the lovely Cheetah pack at a park in Holland.

It was a family of 5 from France, 30 feet away from their car, when the cheetah’s charged them.

They got back to their cars pretty quickly, but my god, really?

These people really ought………to not have children.


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