Best Ottawa Videos/Photos From Ice Storm 2018

From hydro poles snapping like toothpicks to an Ottawa man skating down his residential street, the accumulating freezing rain has changed the city landscape this morning.

This is how you make lemonade out of lemons! This man laced up his skates to make the most of a day at home.

It’s no wonder hydro lines are snapping. Watch how these lines at the Vimy Bridge are waving in the wind:

A little further up the road, along Limebank, 18 snapped hydro poles have closed the road and created a power outage.

Ottawa Hydro is working all over the city trying to get things back to normal. Check their website to find out more about estimated restoration times.

I you do venture out today, pack your patience and take it slow, especially walking. My drive wasn’t too bad but walking into the building required baby steps and a weighted centre of gravity to not blow away.

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