2 Elections coming in 2018; and the curiosities mount

We have a couple of Elections staring us in the face.

It has been a little too amusing as the PC Party of Ontario fumbles around looking for a leader who will, no doubt, try and bring peace and cohesiveness to a party bent on repeatedly falling down the stairs.

(Post script; Can Doug Ford usher cohesiveness and garner the confidence of a province desperate for a change in Government?  We shall see)

That party is like the Dick Van Dyke of politics.

Another PC riding now has its nomination process being contested.

In “Ottawa West Nepean,” Jeremy Roberts will represent the party in the election even though it was Karma MacGregor who got the first nod.

Amid whispers of impropriety and ballot-stuffing, she’s got her lawyers on the case.

Now I don’t know Karma MacGregor from adam — but I’d guess I’m to assume that she is part of ‘the rot.

Somehow I think the ‘rot’ is part of the wallpaper.  It usually is.

Not like I haven’t seen this kind of stuff personally.

I was a member of the PC Riding Association for “Carleton–Mississippi Mills” (now known as Carleton-Kanata) and our entire board resigned after witnessing the supposed ‘hands off’ mastery and manipulations that seemed to be a specialty in the brief Patrick Brown era.

He’s gone, but it apparently continues.

Other riding associations have endured the same issues; the Globe and Mail has reported that of the 56 competitive nominations that the PC Party held under Brown’s leadership, nearly one in four ended in controversy.

Anyway, best of luck with that!

The Party desperately needs a firm hand at the helm, pronto, to get the ship turned around and get people believing that the Tories have what it takes to guide our once adroit Province back into to calmer waters.

But, that’s a whole other story.


Anyway, that election is in June and our Municipal Election is in October.

Locally, most haven’t signaled their intensions yet; but Mayor Jim is running for re-election.

As for opposing that bid, there have been a couple of prominent names bandied about — including Senator Vern White.

With his conservative background and his knowledge of the inner workings of this city; he could pose a stiff challenge.

He would certainly hit the ground running on the topic of crime, and guns & gangs.

Ottawa is off to a record start for shootings, again.

The former Ottawa Police Boss sounded iffy about the whole thing on a radio interview that heard recently.

But he didn’t say no.

I concluded that his wife will decide, and when it comes to politics, I think that’s always the best plan.  Very much so.

The other name in the queue was the son of former Ottawa Mayor Marion Dewar; Paul Dewar, who served as an MP for 9 years in the local NDP Riding of Ottawa Center.

He was recently defeated in the last Federal Election by Liberal Catherine McKenna.

His mother Marion was a City Councillor and Ottawa’s 52nd Mayor (78-85).

Unfortunately Dewar has got a health issue on his hands and it may not be possible for him to commit at this time.  It was revealed in February that Mr. Dewar had to have surgery for a brain tumor and, of course, we wish him the best on the road to recovery and health.

Politics is probably a bad idea, if you’re trying to stay healthy.

Veteran City Councillor Marriane Wilkenson is retiring….so some opportunity in Kanata North.

She’s been involved in Politics for 25 years now, going back to the old March Township.

A couple of prominent names have already stepped up to begin the task of claiming that role, and one that will probably be the ‘mayors choice.’

Being the ‘mayor’s choice’ is a huge advantage in Ottawa.  If you are not,  it means that you have to campaign against your adversary AND one of the most popular Mayor’s in Canada.

And as we know; Jim Watson is a tireless campaigner.  He’s built up calluses from cutting so many ribbons over the years.  And he’s blessed with the kind of cast iron stomach that can tolerate limitless amounts of hot dogs, hamburgs, cake and rubber chicken.

Some interesting comments in former City Council Candidate, Sue Sherring’s city politics blog From the Burbs:

“Is Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson hoping for a more Watson-friendly city council after this fall’s election?”

She writes that she’s been talking to many of her sources that intimate that the Mayor is busily lining up his political ducks and getting ready to help alleviate some of his present headaches.

Headaches for example like College Councillor Rick Chiarelli, who not only took Mayor Jim’s election budget on, he held no punches while doing it.

Personally, I think it’s better for all the citizens of Ottawa to have its provocateurs, as long as there’s a purpose beyond adversarial politics.

Sherring mentions that Councillor Chiarelli ‘has heard from a number of people in his ward who have told him associates of the mayor have been badmouthing the long-time councillor in their search for someone to take him on.”


Chiarelli told the media he felt it was a fake budget and the media ate it up. Chiarelli has been in the dog house ever since.

“The stuff he’s being saying about me, it’s just grimy, just stuff you wouldn’t say,” Chiarelli said, adding he ‘doesn’t understand why Watson is so thin-skinned.  Sure, I find it all offensive. If he’s picking people and everybody is just going to be a bobblehead, then why have councillors?” he asked.


One person considering taking Chiarelli on is Ryan Kennery, a former city staffer who worked in the mayor’s office.

And as I have mentioned previously, one of the most popular rural councillors ever in this city, Doug Thompson, who campaigned for his successor in 2014 (current Osgood councillor George Darouze) could be planning a return to city politics.

His recent comments will set up for an interesting battle there between mentor and (former) protégé, unless of course Thompson is wooed back into the dark, lurid world of PC provincial politics.

This is what Thompson told Sherring recently; “I just don’t think he’s a strong advocate for the rural areas. I don’t think he’s done the job. I thought he had more strengths, but the substance isn’t there. He’s a nice person, but I really don’t think he’s a good politician.  I guess he’s a good salesman and he hoodwinked me.”

Pretty certain we’ll see change in both elections, that much is certain.

And at City Hall, there’s usually a 1/3rd quotient of change around the horseshoe on Elgin.  There are those who live up to election promises and only run in 2 elections and there are those who break those promises.  And there are the lifetime politicians who want ride the wave and there are those who simply get ousted.

My prediction is 8 or 10 new faces at City Hall this Fall.

And the first of those changes, we now know, will be in Kanata North.

Here is my previous blog from November on how things had been setting up

Surely there will be more to come.  And what an amusing start it is.


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