How are you celebrating Valentine's Day?

According to a new survey four in five Canadians in a relationship dismiss Valentine’s Day as a “commercial enterprise,” and 62% of married people described it as “a waste of time and money.” But guess what?  Most will celebrate it anyway.


Here’s the breakdown of how most of the Canadians surveyed will celebrate.

  • 33% – go out for dinner
  • 25% – cook a special meal at home
  • 20% – pick up a Valentine’s card


From the very beginning of our relationship my wife and I have never really been into it.  Actually, in our first year together we called it Anti-Valentine’s Day and celebrated the day after.


One year when we were kind of short on money I wrote on 365 pink pieces of paper reasons why I loved her and put them in a jar.  Then, each day she could take a new one out so it would be Valentine’s Day every day.


The above video I did for Mother’s Day last year, but you could do something similar for Valentine’s Day.  Maybe replace the Timbits with chocolates, or something more romantic.

This year my wife and I are going to join the 33% of Canadians who will be going out for dinner.  How are you going to celebrate?

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