The Foo Fighters Last Outdoor Ottawa Show Was A Long Time Ago

When RBC Bluesfest dropped their 2018 festival lineup on us this morning, one announcement stirred up some major excitement inside of me, The Foo Fighters!

I have vivid memories of the last time The Foo Fighters played a summer show in an open field in Ottawa. It was 18 years ago, the year 2000, on a scorching hot August Sunday when the Rideau Carleton Racetrack hosted ‘Summersault‘.

I was home with my 1 year old daughter and only had a small window to boogie over to the racetrack to see them perform before having to book it home for the babysitter.

As I walked around behind the stage, through the maze of tour buses, 18 wheelers and portable washrooms, there he was. Dave Grohl in his Sirloin t-shirt, waiting around for his early time slot at 5:30 to start.

It may be the most disappointing picture I’ve every taken with a rock god like Dave Grohl. I have no idea what’s with the smirk or the golf shirt! Agh!! All I know is that I was very sleep deprived at that time with new baby Ava. With a little luck, maybe I can make it good this summer at Bluesfest, and no doubt, the now 19 year old baby would like to come along!

This was the first time I had ever been up close to a member of Nirvana, and though I had met many of my idols and icons, this felt different. There was still a sense of tragedy at the loss of Kurt Cobain, but it was mellowed by the rebirth of band in it’s new formation in The Foo Fighters. Everlong had come out 3 years earlier and was a constant on the radio along with Nirvana.

Summersault featured The Smashing Pumpkins, A Perfect Circle, Catherine Wheel, Eve 6, Finger Eleven, I Mother Earth, Our Lady Peace, Sum 41, and Treble Charger, most of which have played RBC Bluesfest, but for the Foo Fighters, it will be a long waited for 1st!!

Here’s one of many songs on my wishlist to hear at Lebreton Flats, ‘My Hero’:




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