Do you own a Volkswagen? Settlement incoming

About 20,000 owners and lessees of Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche diesels will be eligible for a slice of the pie as Volkswagen has settled and will spread approximately $290.5 million dollars around for Canadian vehicle owners caught up in the biggest auto scandal of all time.

If the settlement is approved it includes models sold from 2013-2016, and cars that were effected by the emissions scandal that rocked the German auto maker to the core.  It has cost the historic car company 14.7 Billion to date.

Some vehicles from model years 2009-2012 are also affected, according to the release.
It all started in September of 2015 when the EPA (The United States Protection Agency) issued a notice of violation of the “Clean Air Act” when it was found that Volkswagen had allegedly messed around with their emissions controls so that they’d work only to standards during testing and not thereafter.
The car company used this programming in about 11 million cars world wide and about 500,000 in the USA.
Volkswagen pleaded guilty last year; stocks fell, sales fell off a cliff and the CEO re-signed while many product developers were suspended is the biggest scandal in the history of the auto business.


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