Are there more house fires in the Winter? Another huge fire in Ottawa today

What’s with all the fires these days? My god, every day a horrible fire to report on.  In some cases, unfortunately, people and pets are losing their lives.  We’ve had fires in Carp (a couple of them), Orleans, Stittsville and another big one today in Osgoode.

Late last week, Ottawa Fire were at three fires Thursday evening and Friday morning, and police say two of them were deliberately set.  I believe that was the string of townhouses .

So arson was the cause of one or two of those, but WHY do we seem to have more fires in Winter than in the warmer months?

Christmas trees?  Wood Burning Stoves?

We’ve heard the sad stories in Nova Scotia, Newmarket, Oshawa, New York City.  Families, or family members lost.

As for Osgoode; a rural home has been completely destroyed today.

I asked Danielle Cardinal from Ottawa Fire if there are more fires in the Winter, and she said that many of the fires they have responded to recently were for kitchen fires, arson; or in the case of the church on Slack & Merrivale, a newly installed furnace.  So, really many of these were for non-seasonal, and more conventional reasons.

However, she made it clear that winter plays it’s part, and there are some things that homeowners can watch out for:

*Dry Christmas Trees should be removed from the house

*Unattended candles during power outages

*Wood burning stoves; too close to combustibles.  Pay attention to your stove and keep it properly maintained.  Have a WETT Inspector look at it if you have any doubts and have your chimney cleaned accordingly.

*Pay attention to space heaters being too close to things that can ignite, like curtains for example.

*Don’t thaw frozen pipes with an open flame

*and, of course, carbon monoxide poses a big danger in all seasons but especially our winter months.   Keep appliance vents clear of snow and ice and don’t warm your car up in the garage.

Also do plan your exit strategies.  Homes are burning down much quicker these days due to the building materials and modern furniture.

A minute could save you and your families lives.



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