RIP to Donnelly Rhodes

Donnelly Rhodes, a staple of Canadian television throughout the 1980s and 1990s has died.  While his on screen career began in the 1970s,  Donnelly became best known on the television show Danger Bay and then as a lead actor in Da Vinci’s Inquest.

Canadian television got a significant lift  with Da Vinci’s Inquest. While Donelly Rhodes’ Danger bay had the unenviable task of competing against some of the big U.S. action drama tv shows of the 1980s like the A Team and Knight Rider, Da Vinci’s Inquest was a combination of great writing, compelling storylines and a phenomenal cast.  It stood up.  And was a hit in Canada as well as in many other countries around the world.


Before watching Da Vinci’s Inquest, I always thought Canadian television could never be as good as U.S.  That all changed after the first few episodes and it also gave the entire Candian TV industry the lift it needed that punching above its weightclass was not entirely out of the question.

The gritty crime show featured the underbelly of sparkly Vancouver.  It was its own thing and was nothing like any ther 1990s American detective show (of which there were many)

Donnelly Rhodes’ character was so likable and so totally perfect as an opposite to Ian Tracey’s Det. Mick Leary .   The chemistry worked and was a terrific ‘next chapter’  in the on screen career of ‘that guy who used to be on Danger Bay’.

RIP Donnelly  Rhodes.





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