Ottawa is one BIG little town

Ottawa is said to be a ‘big little town.’

And it’s true.  This is Ottawa’s charm.  Lots going on, with half the problems.  It’s a great place to raise a family.

As far as market-size goes; the Nation’s Capital is the 5th largest market with over 1.3 million people in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

That puts it behind Toronto (5.9 million), Montreal (4 million), Vancouver (2.46)  and Calgary (1.39).

However, when it comes to actual geographical size; Ottawa is BIG!

2,796 km’s square.

In fact, you could fit Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary AND Vancouver inside the boundaries of Ottawa’s city limits!

Is it too big?

It has to be the first City I have ever lived in where you can drive through 2-3 villages and towns — and still be in Ottawa.

No wonder why they have a hard time keeping our roads plowed and the condition standards up and on par with other big cities.

No excuses though.  They certainly appreciated when the tax base grew like it did in amalgamation in 2001.

And it’s not cheap; just ask anyone who lived in one of those smaller villages or towns pre-amalgamation.

But it truly is one of Ottawa’s strength’s and charms.  It is indeed the big, little City.

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