Disappointment as City Hall lets Ottawa Roads fall into further disrepair


So, we saw the Auditor General’s report.  We’ve seen pothole claims to the City almost double from this year to last.

Indeed it was a very wet year.  The wettest ever.  And that will play a roll, but veteran City Councillor Diane Deans says we’re under-funding Infrastructure by 70 million a year!

And our roads aren’t good enough to begin with.

Based on province-wide standards, only 15% of Ottawa roads are considered to be in good shape, the rest are below average to poor.

It’s not just shoddy material, it’s the lack of prep work in the base too.  This city is a clay bog.

Do we need to pay more attention to roads in Ottawa?

891 claims to the City; cars sustaining “pothole damage” this year.

According to the Ottawa Sun, they’ve paid out 37 grand to 15 claimants.

That’s about $2,500 each.

And that’s up from 480 people in 2016.

Potholes, sinkholes…we have weather; the freeze-thaw cycle, which can be everyday in months like this one.

So the lowest bidder isn’t going to cut it and the lowest grade of material is a bad, bad idea.  A good base is a good foundation, and it’s critical if you want to get 15-20 years on a road.

Many residents attest to seeing the roads fail after only two winters.

Better material and over-sight?  With an election coming up, these are things you may want to consider when go to choose your next Councillor next year.

Cagey veteran Jan Harder (Councillor/Barrhaven) seems to be aware that there will hell to pay in the city election next fall.

Many of our incumbents made the roads ‘priority #1″ in their re-election campaigns in 2014.

She has pushed a motion to borrow from the hydro surplus envelope to help with this issue.


Now swapping around envelopes is not new to Ottawa, but some are claiming this to be disingenuous.  I see it as another political shell game, but it could save some bacon.



Regardless of how you feel about all that, we clearly need more effort and oversight in this regard.  Filling the same potholes 8 times a year with kitty litter isn’t the answer.  It wastes money.  Lots of it.  Believe it or not, the roads are more important to the people of Ottawa than monuments and library’s.

And I have a soft spot for monuments and library’s.

With the election coming in 10 months, will you be picking a Candidate for City Hall that promises to make roads a top priority?

Will you hold it against another, who claimed to make it top priority, and didn’t really?

I’ve said this before.  The best way to monitor a governments performance; the most pragmatic, non political method, is to really pay attention to the Auditor-Generals reports.

This City’s Auditor, Ken Hughes, is usually telling us about some pretty disappointing stuff.

And recently we received some pretty eye-raising news.

After the Ontario report came in earlier in the year, showing negligence between governments and construction companies our City didn’t follow it up with any effect.  The asphalt samples that failed were where taken by the Auditor General’s Office.

And disappointment again, as to how this City is managed.



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